Surface Drilling Rigs


Clean-Tech modular Drilling System using advanced technology makes a robust highly productive and easy to operate drilling system. Designed for Drillers, Mechanics and Owners.


  • 75% less connections and hoses than conventional systems result in less friction, less heat and increased net HP
  • 30% increase in efficiency and net power where it matters at the rotation motor
  • 5000 psi to the feed cylinder IN DRILLING MODE for >40% increase in drilling range
  • The same compact system for short shallow holes & up to > 3000 m holes
  • Change motor group (DIESEL AND ELECTRIC) for different applications in less than 2 hours with our modular hydraulic system for maximum usage of system
  • Interchangeable feed cylinders so they can be used in multiple configurations and applications.
  • One operator control panel system for all applications


  • Uses > 30% less fuel and electricity than conventional systems
  • 75% hose and connections for reduced possibilities of oil leakage and spills
  • Small 90 litre oil tank with sensors for a maximum oil leakage of 40 liters

the industry's first Clean-Tech Modular Drilling System

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